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About FNL

The FNL believes it is time for a new form of leadership: Natural Leadership. By Natural Leadership, we mean the kind of leadership required to make today’s world more sustainable, both socially and ecologically. The kind of leadership required to discover the human potential that lies concealed within our organisations and ourselves.

We are a fast growing community. Over 1600 members have already joined, and we hope to enrol at least 2,500 new leaders onto our unique Wilderness Leadership Transformation Programmes by 2021. The aim of those programmes and of several other initiatives is to accelerate the adoption of Natural Leadership skills by people and organisations.

Our mission

Our mission as a foundation is to support the development of Natural Leadership and to increase awareness of the connection between Nature and humanity. 

Our roots

The foundation’s roots lie in the 2002 International Dialogue Conference of the Encounter of Worldviews Foundation. There was a strong recognition that, as a species, we humans can learn a great deal from Nature and that we have a clear responsibility to work with Nature in a sustainable way.

Based on this understanding, the next step was to create a programme in which Nature could serve as a portal for leadership transformation. And so our foundation was born.

Our approach

We support people, businesses, institutions and public organisations by offering unique leadership transformation programmes and initiatives. In doing so, we work with communities to boost Natural Leadership skills. We strongly believe in Nature as a portal to leadership.

We invite people to bond with Nature in some of the world’s most remote wilderness places. This creates a sense of connectedness and offers a profound source of natural knowledge and intuition.

Our approach to leadership transformation is based on the U Process. This is a body of thought, a framework and a methodology that lays down the path to a person’s inner source of leadership and creativity. This process was developed by Joseph Jaworski, Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer (Theory U).

Developing Natural Leadership qualities is essential to helping people and organisations find new solutions and take inclusive actions. Those actions occur in four inextricably linked domains: the Personal, Private, Professional and Public domains.

Team members

Miguel Angel Lopez
Miguel Angel Miguel Lopez Local Guide
Lisette Vorselman facilitator
Lisette Vorselman Facilitator
IMG 0193
Jan Willem Loman Facilitator
Merel van Deursen facilitator 1
Merel van Deursen Facilitator/Facilitator Committee
Johan Bontje facilitator
Johan Bontje Facilitator/Committee of Recommendation
Derk Egeler Facilitator
Derk Egeler Facilitator/Supervisory Board
Reece McAfee gids
Reece McAfee Local guide
Wim Plaizier facilitator 2
Wim Plaizier Facilitator
Bernet Elzinga facilitator 2.jpg
Bernet Elzinga Facilitator/Community Committee
Joost Leeflang facilitator
Joost Leeflang Facilitator/Board member
Robert Spieker facilitator
Robert Spieker Facilitator
Corne Mulders facilitator
Corné Mulders Facilitator
Hans Londonck facilitator
Hans Londonck Facilitator
Abel Boor facilitator
Abel Boor Facilitator
Boy van Droffelaar Facilitator
Boy van Droffelaar Facilitator/Community Committee
Steven Faber facilitator
Steven Faber Facilitator
Edmond Ofner facilitator
Edmond Ofner Facilitator
Wiet de Bruijn bestuur 2
Wiet de Bruijn Facilitator/Chairman of the Board
Felix von Schoenebeck gids
Felix von Schoenebeck Guide
Angela Lijmbach facilitator2
Angela Lijmbach Facilitator
Dorine Wekking facilitator
Dorine Wekking Facilitator
Robbert Jansen Facilitator 2
Robbert Jansen Facilitator/Facilitator Committee
Maaike Derksen facilitator
Maaike Derksen Facilitator
RWF 5567 Version 3 aangepast
Jan van Twillert Facilitator
Irene Mommers Facilitator Organization
Irene Mommers Facilitator
Maarten van der Schaaf facilitator 3
Maarten van der Schaaf Facilitator
Foto Jasper Afrika
Jasper Folmer Facilitator
Daniel Mulock Houwer facilitator
Daniel Mulock Houwer Facilitator
Wayne te Brake gids
Wayne te Brake Local guide
Rodney WLS gezicht gids
Rodney Hlatswayo Local guide
Valeria gids
Valeria Roselli Local guide
Mark Jacobs facilitator
Mark Jacobs Faclitator
Bastiaan Muler facilitator
Bastiaan Mulder Facilitator
Sam Muller facilitator
Sam Muller Facilitator
Be van Lotringen facilitator
Bé van Lotringen Facilitator
Michiel van Ogtrop facilitator
Michiel van Ogtrop Facilitator
Martin Stam facilitators
Martin Stam Facilitator
Rokus van t Riet facilitator 2
Rokus van 't Riet Facilitator
Richard Wibbelink Facilitator
Richard Wibbelink Facilitator
Claude Faciliator
Claude Carron Local Guide
Hidde van der Pol Facilitator
Hidde van der Pol Facilitator
Elfrieke van Galen Facilitator Advisory Board
Elfrieke van Galen Facilitator/Committee of Recommendation
Suzanne Bontje Facilitator
Suzanne Bontje Facilitator
Marie Louise van Mourik facilitator
Marie Louise van Mourik Facilitator
Arjan Bleeker facilitator
Arjan Bleeker Facilitator/Facilitator Committee/Board member
Ben Tomesen facilitator
Ben Tomesen Facilitator
Thoralf Rumswinkel gids 2
Thoralf Rumswinkel Local guide
Mirjam van Gils facilitator4.png
Mirjam van Gils Facilitator
Frans Willem de Kloet facilitator
Frans-Willem de Kloet
Esther Koning facilitator.jpg
Esther Koning Facilitator/Community Committee
Fleur Groeneveld Facilitator
Fleur Groeneveld Facilitator
Niek van Halteren facilitator
Niek van Halteren Facilitator
mini Brenden Pienaar guide
Brenden Pienaar Local guide
Nienke den Os facilitator 2
Nienke den Os Facilitator
Doric Holmes gids
Doric Holmes Local guide
Okke Gerritsen facilitator
Okke Gerritsen Facilitator
Marco Verhagen Facilitator
Marco Verhagen Facilitator
Mukesh Joshi gids
Mukesh Joshi Local guide
Erna ter Weele facilitator
Erna ter Weele Facilitator/Board member
Charlotte den Akker Facilitator Organization
Charlotte van den Akker Facilitator
Evelyn Rood facilitator
Evelyne Rood Facilitator
Kasper Pruijsen facilitator
Kasper Pruijsen Facilitator
Herman Elferink facilitator
Herman Elferink Facilitator
Maarten van Dijk facilitator
Maarten van Dijk Facilitator
Jasper Muller facilitator
Jasper Muller Facilitator
Gerdien Gesink
Gerdien Gesink Facilitator
Klaas Jan Smit facilitator
Klaas Jan Smit Facilitator
Laura Ozinga facilitator
Laura Ozinga Facilitator\Facilitator Committee
Dick Veerman facilitator 4.jpeg
Dick Veerman Facilitator
Henriette Lurvink facilitator
Henriette Lurvink Facilitator
Eelco Dubbeling facilitator casual
Eelco Dubbeling Facilitator
Ian Read Facilitator
Ian Read Local Guide
Carol Gribnau facilitator2
Carol Gribnau Facilitator
Noud Duyzings Facilitator
Noud Duyzings Facilitator
Geert Graveland facilitator 3
Geert Graveland Facilitator
Sandra Schotsman facilitator
Sandra Schotsman Facilitator
Cor van der Sluis facilitator
Cor van der Sluis Facilitator
Robert Schuman Facilitator
Karin Oeseburg 2 facilitator
Karin Oeseburg Facilitator
Robert van der Hoeven facilitator
Robert van der Hoeven Facilitator
Margon van Toor facilitator.jpeg
Margon van Toor Facilitator
Theo Houterman Facilitator Organization
Theo Houterman Facilitator
Bertrand Martenet gids
Bertrand Martenet Guide
Marieke Snoep Facilitator
Stefan Peij facilitator
Stefan Peij Facilitator
Marius Maljers 2 facilitator
Marius Maljers Facilitator

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Nederland 29 May - 29 May 2021 Mirjam en Laura facilitators View programme
Alps, Europe 9 Jun - 13 Jun 2021 Bastiaan Muler facilitator View programme
Spain, Europe 21 Jun - 25 Jun 2021 Geert Graveland facilitator 3 View programme
Alps, Europe 25 Aug - 29 Aug 2021 Rokus van t Riet facilitator 2 View programme
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We believe some key building blocks are vital to leadership in the 21stcentury. They form the core of Natural Leadership and of our programmes. Obviously, such leadership focuses on both humanity and Nature in order to effectively address relevant market demands. 

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