What is Natural Leadership?

We believe some key building blocks are vital to leadership in the 21stcentury.

Connection is a key concept in this new approach to leadership. Everything is linked to everything else, and once you recognise this as a leader, you become fully aware of the greater good and you ensure your lesser or personal interests as an organisation or individual connect to that greater good. The key take-away is establishing a deeper connection with yourself, the people around you and with Nature.

Learning is a central aim. It is important that we are always willing to seek new insights, acquire new skills and absorb new attitudes by being open minded and non-judgmental. Change is an on-going process – a fact that continually calls on us to innovate.

Synchronicity is an alertness, using all one’s senses, to that which presents itself. It can prove an invaluable aid and greatly enhance one’s ability to achieve the right innovations. The key is to become receptive to apparent coincidences, subjects or products to which reference is made on more than one occasion, or unexpected encounters. In many cases, we are actually surrounded by signs – the only thing is, we need to be conscious to read them.

Intuition is invaluable to natural leaders. But often we need to learn how to follow our intuition, how to understand something through our feelings. Even if we know the solution to a challenging problem, we don’t always have the courage to implement it. How do we know we’re on the right track? Usually, a lengthy analysis of the past only creates limited added value. A more effective approach is to accept that something is the way it is, and to seek a way to improve things from there. The key is to establish what is important in the here and now and what the situation requires.

Dialogue helps people work together more independently of existing hierarchies. You give those involved the space to share     their deepest truths. Often, this in itself proves enough to get things moving within the organisation.

Attention on something helps us direct our energies and, in turn, stimulate the growth of that which has our attention. How can we consciously focus this attention, and where is it channelled within the organisation? These are familiar questions for the natural leader, who does not forget that attention plays an equally important role in our personal lives.

Reflection helps us to see what is going on, to recognise patterns, and to take a moment to reflect on our own contribution to specific situations. Reflection is another crucial building block for learning.

Simplicity helps to clarify things. There’s quite a difference between restructuring an organisation to cut costs and restructuring to reduce complexity. Holding each other directly accountable, being open and honest about what is going on within the team and avoiding a lot of headwork and paperwork can greatly help improve an organisation’s efficiency.