Marataba, South Africa


What does life want from you? 

Would you like to find the answer to that question? To regenerate and immerse yourself in Nature? To explore what is alive in you? To follow your calling? To tap into your inner knowing? To find your purpose and discover what contribution you want to make? Then the participating in our Wilderness Quest might be for you.

Join the quest and launch yourself into the next phase of your life

Our wilderness programmes are devoted to developing Natural Leadership skills. Their power lies in the huge impact on all who participate. Join up and you’ll be given a unique opportunity to return to your essence, to tune into what Nature offers, and to come back enriched and empowered. The Wilderness Quest goes further. It includes a solo of 24 hours in the Wilderness. It’s a deep transformational programme for those who feel called to give back and want to unlock their capacity to be of service.

 Building Blocks of the programme

  • Intake
  • Foundation workshop
  • Wilderenss Quest (including a 24 hours solo in wilderness)
  • Integration workshop
  • Coaching session

Impact of the programme

  • Leading your future Self: awareness of the road you have travelled and a (new) perspective for the future
  • Leading others: a higher level of consciousness to create sustainable connections with others 
  • Leading organisations: insights into how leading your Self can help manage your professional environment
  • Giving back: inspiration on the way to contribute and give back to the community

 Good to know

  • Length of the programme: four months
  • Number of participants: four – six  leaders from businesses, institutions and public organisations
  • Investment: EUR 5,950 ex. VAT and logistics
  • Participants become part of our community, which has over 1500 members


Date 01/10/21 - 09/10/21
Group Mixed
Location Marataba, South Africa
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““The fact that I would be starting a period of quiet and calmness unconsciously had an effect beforehand. I needed that run-up period anyway to ‘shift gear’. There was still a lot going on in my head at the start of my quiet period on the rock in nature. I felt really restless and made a lot of aimless movements. I was also thinking about the theory of letting go. So there was still stuff going on in my head. One of those theories is that it takes you a lifetime to switch from your head to your heart. Then all of a sudden I thought: that theory is nonsense. You have your head, you have your heart and all the rest. And it’s all there. At that point I let go of that theory and those thoughts, and I became calm. That was a wonderful feeling. I reached a new level of consciousness, completely in touch with myself. I accepted everything about myself. Having stuff going on in my head was also OK. I could consciously observe this. And that brought me in a flow. From that point on I could enjoy the experience; I was in deep contact with myself and with the nature. This wider perspective also revealed to me what I can do to make the world a better place: increase consciousness in myself and in others. Now that I’m back in the ordinary world, increasing consciousness has become my guiding principle in everything I do. That gives me focus and a sense of fulfilment.”” Wiet de Bruijn

““For almost a week I was immersed in nature again. Feeling totally at ease and in harmony with my environment. Dancing with life. Touched by its beauty. Deeply rooted in presence. Available to serve what was needed. During my solo on the edge of a cliff the whole spectrum of life flowed through me. From the intimacy of the flies drinking from my tears to the vastness of the African plains. From feeling the pain we are inflicting on the earth to experiencing deep gratitude for the preciousness of life. From being fully awake to dozing of peacefully. Branches dancing before an unchanging background. Two birds singing one song. The sun and the moon. The roaring of lions appearing to be the roaring of my stomach. There in the womb of Africa my life offered itself back to life. Grace closed the circle and set me free. And as our guide pointed out wisely, this is only the beginning.” ” With gratitude, Daniel Mulock Houwer

“Allowing myself to embark on a Journey into the Wilderness of Maratabe turned out to be a special gift. It allowed me to immerse myself into my true nature. Surrounded by openness, warmth and joy. In good and meaningfull company. What a present!” Haro Schultz van Haegen



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